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NOW Foods Dopa Mucuna Mood Support 15% L-Dopa, 400mg, 90 Vcaps Review

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4.0 out of 5 stars

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I had heard about this herb awhile ago, but had never tried it. I always remembered that it had effects on dopamine, which is how many addictive substances work. At first it had an effect or high similar to these substances, which greatly improved my…Read more

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I NEVER write reviews for amazon products but this stuff is so good I had to give my testimony. I have suffered with ADHD (nodiagnosed) for most for most of my life. I had never had it medicated but noticed my concentration skyrocketed upon taking up pipe…Read more

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Human Growth Hormones and their contribution in weight management

As a teenager, one can go for fried and packaged food items and yet not bother about weight gain. However, with age anything fatty just seems to add to your flabs. The reason is the loss of Human Growth Hormones with age.

Human growth hormone produced by pituitary glands in the human body decreases by 60% when we reach the age of 40 years. The decreasing levels of human growth hormone are visible through various signs of aging such as loss of muscle tone, reduced quality of sleep, increase in body fat, loss of energy and endurance, decrease in sexual energy and increase in body fat.

One of the most important roles of HGH in our body is control of weight. HGH works by increasing the quantity of IGF-1 hormone which is excreted by a person’s liver. IGF-1 in turn prevents the transfer of glucose to fat cells, thus forcing the body burn fat for energy. Basically, human body utilizes all the glucose for generating energy so the energy from their fat remains as it is. Human growth hormone forces your body to use energy from the fat reserves first, which leads in a significant weight loss.

HGH also helps our body to develop new muscle cells and increases the amount of muscle cells in the human body. Additionally, it helps to lose weight and increase muscle density and develop definition.

Human Growth Hormones also result in heightened energy levels and metabolism. Increased metabolism means increased weight loss. Actually, human growth hormone can lose weight without exercise. Thus, Human growth hormone promotes healthy weight gain, increase strength and promotes weight loss.

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The liver and its role in staying young and healthy

The bowel operates in close relation with the liver, one of the most important components of the GI system. The liver may be considered a vast metabolic factory. It processes proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, and synthesizes bile, glycogen, and serum proteins that the body uses for metabolism.

Certain liver-friendly nutrients and botanicals can be used to periodically cleanse and mildly purge the body of accumulated toxins and potential toxins. This is an ideal way to jump-start a weight management program, revitalize a weight- management program when you are hitting a plateau, jump start a new fitness program, revitalize energy, synergize with a smoking-cessation program and generally feel better.

The liver’s role in detoxification is activated through the coordinated effort of two families of enzymes, known as cytochrome p450s and conjugation enzymes. By activating these enzymes, we can assist the liver in its job to detoxify and excrete toxins from our bodies. Common factors that cause a sluggish liver include smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, poor diet, genetics, chronic stress and aging.

Not only do cytochrome p450s and conjugation enzymes need to be activated but they have to be balanced as well. The enzymes families work together as a team to progressively detoxify the body. The cytochrome p450s actually generate free radicals in order to accomplish their task. Left unchecked, these can become harmful. The conjugation enzymes capture these free radicals, and inactivate them and prepare them for excretion.

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Glutamic acid: The non-essential acid used for building proteins

Glutamic Acid is a nonessential amino acid that the body uses to build proteins. It can be obtained from eating meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy products.

The fluid produced by the prostate gland contains significant amounts of glutamic acid. This had led scientists to believe that glutamic acid may play a role in the normal functioning of the prostate. One clinical study found that supplementary glutamic acid significantly improved the symptoms benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). There is some evidence to suggest that glutamic acid may have protective methods on the heart muscle. Results of one study revealed that intravenous injections of glutamic acids (as monosodium glutamate) increased exercise tolerance and heart function in people with stable angina pectoris. However whether a similar effect would be seen with oral glutamic acid is uncertain.

Glutamic acid is generally free of side effects. People with renal or liver disease should consult their doctor before taking supplementary glutamic acid. People who are hypersensitive to monosodium glutamate, that is, those who suffer from “Chinese meal syndrome” Should not take supplementary glutamic acid as it can exacerbate their symptoms. People with liver or kidney disease should consult their doctor before taking supplementary glutamic acid.

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Knowing more about acne and its causes

Acne is caused by a disorder of the sebaceous glands that blocks pores, thus producing an outbreak of the skin lesions. Acne occurs when a change takes place in the inner lining of the hair follicle. What triggers the change is unclear. However, it causes cells that line the hair follicle to be shed too quickly and clump together, ultimately blocking the follicle and preventing the exit of sebum. The resulting mixtures of sebum and clumped cells causes a bacterium (P. acnes), which usually lives on the surface of the skin, to grow inside the blocked follicle. The spots, or pimples, characteristic of acne develop because the skin becomes irritated by inflammation promoting chemicals produced by these bacteria.

The exact cause of acne is still a mystery to scientists. However, changing hormone levels and genetics are known to contribute to the disease:

Rising levels of a class of hormone called androgens can cause the sebaceous glands to enlarge and produce more sebum, thus increasing the risk of acne. Fluctuations in hormone levels are also thought to be responsible for the outbreaks of acne. Women may experience two to seven days before their menstrual period, during pregnancy, when starting ro stopping using the contraceptive pill or when they reach menopause.

There is some reason to suggest that acne may be a hereditary condition. Several studies have found that people with close relatives who suffered from acne are significantly more likely to develop the disease.

Some prescription drugs like androgens, lithium, and barbiturates can cause acne, while stress may worsen the condition.

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