Hydration, HGH and aging

It is all about hydration! When a person is dehydrated he is in a compromised condition. Then the body begins to deteriorate and function less and less efficiently.

Why does our body become more and more inefficient as we age? One of the culprits behind is lack of water. A baby’s tissue holds about 90 percent water, which is what makes the skin smooth and soft; adult tissue holds about 60 percent water; an elderly person about 40 percent.

We are on this blog to talk about HGH. So how would HGH therapy help? It can help bring an individual’s hydration back in the same range of a 20-30 year-old. This is probably why people using HGH therapy often report that their skin is soft, pliable and fine lines and wrinkles have faded. Hgh is said to influence cellular activities by altering cell volume. Cell volume is a function of the hydration state of the cell – and that bring us back to water.

You lose about two liters of water (and if your physically active up to two liters per hour) per day through the skin, urine, feces, and breath.

Fluid is constantly moving in and out of the cell across an electrical gradient bisected by the cell membrane. This fluid exchange is controlled by electrolytes. The mineral sodium is the chief extracellular electrolyte, whereas the mineral potassium is the chief intracellular electrolyte.

The key to obtaining the anabolic benefits of “cell volumization” is to maximize intracellular fluid. Drinking water will improve your overall hydration status, but it will not significantly alter the ratio of intracellular to extracellular fluid. By increasing your potassium intake and reducing your sodium intake, you shift water from the extracellular compartments of your body into the cells.

Studies have clearly linked the importance of the sodium/potassium ratio in connection with growth hormones.Because potassium levels decline with age, as do growth hormone, cellular dehydration/shrinkage takes place. It is evident that sodium/potassium and water is one of your most important daily choices in maintaining healthy cell structure. A high-water low-sodium intake coupled with a diet high in potassium-rich foods is a sound strategy for hydrating the trillions of cells in your body.

So, even before you start your HGH program, start on you hydration program concentrating on a low-sodium, high-potassium, high water diet.

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